Wednesday, August 21, 2013

sharing life together

i recently came across this on a blog:

To be a twin is a divine gift from the Lord.  He molds two babies at the same time in their mother’s womb; asking them to share from the very beginning of their existence.  Yes, one is birthed first, but the other always follows.  Twins are designed to share life together – however different or similar their personalities and looks may be.

it's so true, they really do share life together.  it has been so much fun to watch them share in the fun moments in life.  even though they have really grown into their own personalities and are so different from each other, they play so well together and nothing in the world beats that!  what i've witnessed more of recently, is the sharing of difficult times too.  as i've mentioned, tristen has been going through some things and it sure has taken a toll on both her and felton.  every day that she is down, felton takes on the roll of protector and its exactly what she needs.  when she is feeling great, he quickly resorts to an annoying silly brother and she wrestles all over the floor with him!   they feed off each other's spirits.

on a much more minor level, yet ever so painful, tristen had to get a HUGE wart removed this morning off her pointer finger.  she has had this exact wart frozen off before and it was so painful for her.  she was really dreading it but she (ok, mostly her dad) wanted it removed before starting kindergarten on monday.  i have put this off all summer long.  as brave as she tried to be PRIOR to the appointment, she was hysterical when we sat down with the doctor.  it was quite dramatic but we got though it.  after 15 minutes of trying to talk her into it, i finally just held her hand down and she screamed while they froze it off. felton was sitting silently somewhere in a corner of the room.  honestly, i had no clue where he was the whole time. it wasn't until we were in the parking lot (i was holding tristen and she was still crying hysterically), that i noticed felton holding his finger, quietly saying "ouch, ouch, ouch"... i thought to myself, could this be the twin pain that i have always heard about?  i asked him what was wrong with his hand, he answered "well, i stuck my finger in the cup that had the freezer stuff they put on tristen... and it burned me really bad".  i responded, "honey, are you ok? why in the world did you do that? his response, "because i really needed to feel how bad tristen was hurting".  

true story folks, true story.  twins are designed to share life together...through the good and bad.

Monday, July 1, 2013

a little positive "drop off"

i believe it was around their 4 year old doctor's appointment, that our pediatrician (dr roy) asked me how well tristen & felton got along. i mentioned they fight occasionally but for the most part, they get along great.  he offered up some parenting advice that i have since used on a regular basis.  he said, whenever they are playing well with each other, walk into the room, hand them a plate with two brownies and say "thank you for playing so well together, enjoy the brownie" and walk off.  he talked about parents getting so caught up in disciplining and forgetting to reward the good behavior too. 

while i don't agree with brownies loaded in sugar, i do like the idea of homemade treats none the less:).  his idea is awesome. simple. and rewarding for all involved.  they aren't asking for anything.  just pleasantly surprised every single time. 

since turning five, tristen and felton have really found their strong personalities.  well, i really should say that felton has found his strong personality.  tristen has had hers in her back pocket since the day she was born.  since turning five, felton has discovered just what to say and do to set tristen off and boy do they go at it.  i mean...WHOA.  i am trying to find the right balance between letting them work it out and inserting myself when necessary.  necessary= someone gets hurt. it has definitely been interesting lately.  lots of fighting but lots of loving too.  they are seriously crazy at times.  they will fight fight fight, scream scream scream, hit hit hit and then crack up in the same sitting.  sometimes i just wanna scream... "for the love of twins!"

we went to the pool today (now that i am finally posting it was actually last week) and they were the best of friends for 4 straight hours.  they laughed and played the entire time.  im not gonna lie, i was walking with a bit of a strut around the pool today as the other moms watched in envy. when we got home, they immediately wanted to play on their new scooters together. i decided it was time to drop a "dr. roy" on them.  i came in, got two popsicles and walked out and said "you guys are awesome. thanks for being best friends today. enjoy!"... and walked back in the house.  again, with a bit of a strut.  here are a few pictures i took through the window.  they sat and talked for 30 minutes. so sweet!

ps: there have also been days this summer that i have walked around our pool with a needing crutches limp.
pss: today (one week later from when i wrote this post), they have played together since 8am with ZERO arguing.  i text ceasar that i felt like i was being punked because i have never seen anything like this.  8am-8pm.  perfectly played together.  they have moved from each room in the house and created their own fun.  they have gotten married (4 times), built tents, had a tea party, made a craft, played cars, played dolls, played dress up in each others clothes, and so on.  im not afraid of "jinxing" myself. i don't believe in that... i just believe that these two kids were perfectly made to perfectly play together today. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


happy super belated birthday to my favorite kids in the world (may 23rd was the big day).  i cant believe i let their brithday pass without blogging.  well, actually, i can believe it...

im gonna look back on this time in my life and miss when ALL my time was consumed by my kids.  i will one day be sipping on margaritas by the water (where we will live) reminiscing and missing the days when my children took up the majority of my thoughts and time.  the first 5 years of tristen & felton's life have been incredible.  i truly enjoy raising these kids and watching them grow into real people.  it has gotten a little tougher lately but none the less,  i was made for this. the difficult times and all.
birthday letters from mommy.
dear tristen: you are 5 years old baby doll!  when i look back on the past 5 years, watching you grow, i can't believe how much you are like me.  its scary at times... like the other day, you came into trader joes to surprise me and i literally felt like i was looking in the mirror when you ran up to me so excited. you are my twin.  i love it!  the past several months (off and on), you have not been feeling like yourself.  yourself= funny, full of energy, beautiful, outgoing, and super super sweet.  we are trying to figure out what is going on and it has been quite a process. we are getting closer to some answers and we think it's a viral infection (from the past) that triggered some difficult side effects for you.  i promise you that your daddy and i will get to the bottom of this.  we are seeing the best doctor that is looking at the most natural way to help you heal.  like i have always told you, i was made to be your mommy and my determination is kicking in big time. i love you so much sweet girl.  thank you for being such a beautiful, bright light in our home.  keep believing that god is your strength and everything is gonna be just fine...

dear felton:  my big boy is F.I.V.E years old.  what what! you have really come into your own this year.  you are so confident, sweet and funny its unbelievable.  you are your dad's twin.  at preschool graduation, your teacher told me that you were the student that grew the most this year.  she said you were a shy little boy in the beginning that only wanted to be with tristen but by the end of the year,  you were the outgoing, funny kid that everyone wanted to be around.  thats my boy.  you make us so proud.   i sure am enjoying watching you grow into a child that wants to help people.  your genuine character is so admirable and i envy how natural it is for you.  thank you for being you.  i love you sweet boy!
I hope five is a year full of good health, love & FUN!  all children really want in life is to have fun!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 words

i need to celebrate felton tonight.  at 4 years old (5 years old in 23 days!), he has shown a maturity beyond his years.  the last few months, tristen has been going through some things.  i will blog about her trials in the near future but for now i want to talk about felton.  he has given this family every ounce of what we have needed from him, every step of the way.  he has helped me, he has helped ceasar, but most importantly, he has helped his sister.  

in these last few months, when tristen has needed a best friend, he has quickly raised his hand.  when she has needed a punching bag, he has stepped in.  when she is sad, he hands her a sheetie and walks away. when she is happy, he gladly creates a game to play.  when she has needed him to carry the burden, he has put it all on his shoulders. and i mean all of it.  its hard for me to comprehend how a 4 year old can understand so deeply what his sister needs.  

i have written about my kids personalities as they have gown over the past four years. one is funny, one is quiet.  one is a big eater, one is picky.  one is photogenic, one is shy.  one is a rule follower, one is more care free. but to really sum up the way i feel about felton tonight is...


PS: a special note to felty: even if she's not showing it all the time, i can promise you this picture expresses how she feels about you! I promise.  We appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

fresh air does a family good

every once in a while, you just gotta press pause so that you can really breathe in life. because this is a really good life and its easy to get caught up in the details. out of all my childhood, teenage and young adults years having a spring break, i have never truly appreciated one like i did this year.

as a last minute trip, i grabbed ceasar and the kids, packed up our car and off to the beach we went.  what i love most about our family is that we don't really care where we are going or what we are doing.... we just want to be outside, in the fresh air, together. 

and fresh air never felt so good...

Monday, March 18, 2013

play ball!

hi. my name is felton and i am a two sport athlete.  i played basketball this winter and i loved it!  not only did i learn the fun of hustle and defense, i formed a great lefty jump shot and learned how to protect the ball while dribbling.  it was also really exciting to learn that my team, hands down, had the best coach in the league.  he sure had passion for the sport but most importantly, he made sure all the boys were having fun!

my favorite part of it all was being on my first ever team.   i made some really good buddies and learned very quickly how cool it is to have 7 other boys that i could call MY teammates.  before basketball, i was a shy little boy that really leaned on tristen (socially), but i tell you what... thanks to basketball, i became very confident on my own.  some may even say i got a little too confident at times:).

now that its spring, im playing baseball.  while basketball is my first love, baseball sure is fun too.  i love that its outside and again,  i am getting to make a bunch of new buddies.  some of my basketball teammates are on my team again (they all requested "coach ceasar")... i have the coolest dad in the world.   im playing in an older league but they made an exception to let a few of us in.  most of the boys on my team are 5, 6 and 7.  im only 4! but i will be 5 in May so they better watch out.  my daddy was out of town for the first game so of course my poppy pitched in and helped coach the game. my first time up to bat, i noticed that poppy (coaching first base) kept moving closer and closer to home plate with every pitch.  when i finally hit the ball, i think he may have ran beside me the entire way from home plate to first base after my hit!  he is so funny.  im really loving this sport stuff!  it must be in my genes.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a personal sabbatical

well hello there! in case you were wondering...we are still alive.   ive taken a few months off from different things in life, obviously blogging being one of them.  it wasnt a planned thing but just kinda happened.  funny how that goes.  

none the less, we had much to be thankful for in november,  made lots of magical memories in december and found inspiration as we celebrated the new year.   without boring you with all my hopes and dreams for the future... i will just share my new screen saver:).

cheers and much love from the browns!