Wednesday, July 30, 2008

all this baby talk...

Written by: Kim
I guess it is only normal that after having our first 2 babies, we want to talk about them all the time. How much we love them, how great they are and how they have become the center of our world. But, as you know from last night's posting, Ceasar kept the babies alone so that I could have a girl's night out (if only for a few hours). So, tonight, I am home alone (during their CRANKY TIME) while Ceasar is playing basketball. I can handle it though because I am Super Mom. If you don't believe me, just ask me:). Ok, so enough baby talk for tonight.

Prior to May 23rd, we knew that we had good friends. Post May 23rd, we realized that we have amazing friends. I think when you have big moments in your life, the important things really come to light. It started with a good friend of mine at work (Jenni Brown) organizing dinners for 3 weeks straight. That was a life saver! If you ask Ceasar or my mom, I can eat a house these days so I can't tell you how much I appreciated this. We had pasta, ribs, chicken, chocolate, bannana name it, they made it. Oh, I miss those days:). More recently, Bert and Megan (one of our fav couple friends) brought us dinner and came to hang out with our babies. Again, such great friends helping us out. Last night, my 2 best friends from the age of 15 came and swept me away for a nice steak dinner and a glass of wine. Ok, a few glasses of wine (pump and dump)...and we had a great time as always. No matter how drastic my life has changed in these past 2 months, one thing is evident, my frienships are more important than ever. What I love most about my friends is that we can go days, weeks or months without talking but we never skip a beat. Our generation is so busy and it's all about 1 sentence texts, a facebook message or a quick email. But during my big moment in life, they all really shined!


The Morginskys said...

ahh what a sweet post. and C's too! abe has the same onesie as felton. we really need some pics together...when will that be?

Margarita said...

Hey! I can't believe how much Felton and Tristen have grown since I came to visit! I'm glad you got to go out. The pictures are cute. I hope you are doing great! :) I miss you guys.