Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Growing Pains

Written by: Ceasar
Besides being great looking and married to totally sexy women, what do Brad Pitt and I have in common? That's right, he is enjoying the life of being the father of twins too. I bet if you were to see his blog, he wouldn't have a shirt on either. I'm just saying...

Today, the 23rd of July, Tristen and Felton turned 2 months old. Where did the time go? With turning 2 months old, their series of shots began. Kim wrote below about how horrible the experience was once we got home. Not fun. I actually went back to work, Kim fed at 1pm, and then called me at 3 to come home to help feed at 4. Yes, I did. When I got home, Felton was in Kim's arms and he was not doing so well. But my core was rocked when Tristen woke up and began crying. The girl has lungs...big lungs...King Kong type lungs! But on top of that, she had the two smallest, clearest, most pure tears I have ever seen in my life, hanging from each eye. What a site. I thought about the things I would give, to take that pain away from her. It was pretty tough. But then I thought about it..."Pain is weakness leaving the body." That's what I kept telling myself. I then looked over at Kim and said, "You know, these are the growing pains they will have to go through." I'm not sure how parents do it, but Kim and I will continue to fight through the ever trying times of our babies going through their growing pains.

Does it get any deal with their pain? At what point will their pain be less or at least sound like less? Will Tristen ever be in pain and not have those two little tears hang from each eye? Will those tears eventually start running down her cheeks? Will that be a new struggle for Kim and me? Will we be able to handle that?


The Morginskys said...

hey guys. so sorry to hear about the bad shots day. we are headed for shots on monday (a bit early)....shots never get easier! they suck! (a tip is to give tylenol before the shots)...and so sorry the doctor was lame-o! i cant believe they didnt talk about the side effects! hope to talk to you soon-

alfballer25 said...

Those lil tears are the worst; I know. As they get bigger, it gets harder & easier (depending on how much they fake LOL). Just keep holdin em, so at least it's easier on them.