Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh what a feeling

Written by: Ceasar
Tonight is going to be the night I stay home with Tristen and Felton. Alone. With only the help of my first son, Magic, I would have to find a way to keep these babies happy until their warm and loving mommy returned.

It was supposed to be hard. That's what she said. That's what Kim said. Okay, Kim said that T and F wouldn't do well between the 7 and 10 feedings tonight. She publicly told her mom, Margot, and Beth that she hopes the kids really get going tonight for payback from last night. You see, my basketball team in Smyrna called me Monday night at 8:45, to tell me they only had 4 guys for our 9:15 game. So, I was in my car heading down to Smyrna last night leaving Kim to feed alone, at 10. Long story short...she wanted me to really get chaos from the kids tonight.

As I hate to throw a hex on the night so far, I must say, this is not that hard at all. I mean, yeah, they are not asleep, completely, but they are doing a fine job being quiet and peaceful. This is so easy, even a caveman can do it?

I've said all that to say, when I got home from work today (golf to be honest with you) Kim had Tristen in bed with her. I couldn't wait until after I took my shower before I held my beautful daughter . She was so soft and warm. She smelled as fresh as morning dew on the Spring lawn. I literally couldn't get enough of her cheeks, lips, hair, and smell. Oh what a feeling it was to touch that little baby's face after being away from her all day. And when I saw Felton, he got his love from Daddy too.

As I stared at my kids, and hugged them, and kissed them, I tried to think about what else could compare to something so sweet. Could this feeling for my kids be better than the time I actually drove the first car my dad called "mine"? Or is it better described as what I felt the time I hit the halfcourt shot against Albany high in the 9th grade (that felt real good by the way). Or how about how I felt after Kim and I found out we were pregnant...with twins? Is this what it feels like to win the lottery? Can holding a million dollars feel this good?

P.S. I completely blogged, revised, added more, and never left the comfort of my King sized bed. These babies will get so much love when they wake up!

P.S.S. Kim, you better be home by 10 because I'm getting nervous about possibly having to feed these babies alone. Well, there is Magic.

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alfballer25 said...

Ceezy, you are the sweetest!! I love your blogs!! I laugh & cry all at the same time; you know how I am.
PS. Tristen is gonna be such a lil daddy's girl (but we all knew that).