Wednesday, August 27, 2008

through our eyes

It is so fun to watch Tristen and Felton become little people. I can't believe how different they are. Yes, they are twins but very different to say the least. I want to remember how we view them at this early stage in their lives because it will be interesting to see how much they change (or stay the same) over the next few years. I asked Ceasar to email me his description of each and I did the same (without seeing his response). It's funny to see each of our perpectives after 3 months of having them in our lives. One day, we will have to get them to write down their perspectives of us. That would be interesting...

Kim's perspective on Tristen:
She is quite the fighter. I have every ounce of confidence that Tristen is going to be a great contributor to this world. The adjectives that come to mind when I think of my little girl are: feisty but sweet, stubborn but laid back, loud but calm, pale but bright eyed…beautiful on the inside and out. She wishes she could sleep all the time, doesn’t care much about eating, needs her pacifier, loves kissing her daddy and likes kicking her brother in the head. She is very curious to her surroundings and loves resting her feet on Magic. I am in awe when I watch her concern for her brother. She is always feeling around to hold his arm or his hand. She knows where he is at all times. Tristen is very sweet but she is in charge of life. When she wants something, oh my gosh, she screams for it. And I mean screams! That's what I love about her...she knows what she wants and doesn't waste any time. I am so excited to see the little lady that she is going to become. Oh yeah, she has great posture when burping.

Ceasar's perspective on Tristen:
Tristen is very playful. She will interact and is more involved with her eyes and body. She likes to touch and rub faces and hands. She only cries when she wants attention. Not because she is hungry. She doesn't really enjoy being snuggled chest to chest yet. She would rather you hold her back to your chest. She gives little kisses already. Though she is playful, she is very serious too. The girl has a set of lungs on her. When she is ready to get up, you will go and get her because you won't be able to handle her screaming. She has tiny burps despite the big pipes. She can't live without her pacifier! Her eyes have a way of piercing through you. She seems to be a deep thinker. I think she can already tell true from false. She shows so much concern for Felton. When they are around each other, she often times stares right at him. I believe that she knows she is older and her instincts react to Felton's presence. I think she will grow up to be a great leader of people one day.

Kim's perspective on Felton:
He is my sweet little boy. I have heard that mom’s are more sensitive to their boys and now I believe it. It’s like you know your girl can handle life but your boy needs you to comfort him just a tad bit more. Here is how I would describe Felton: cranky but happy (and when he’s happy, his smile is ridiculous), doesn’t like to sleep at night (yawn, he exhausts me at 3am!), angry faced but again when he smiles, oh it’s on! He’s sensitive and needs to be held, LOVES to eat, doesn’t care for a pacifier, and mostly has a serious look on his face. Felton knows where Tristen is at all times but he recognizes that she is in charge. He lets her do her thing but will slowly scoot his way over to rest his head on her shoulder just to let her know that big bro is there. I can tell she likes that. He is a sensitive boy with a curious look. Oh, and this little man can BURP with any grown man!

Ceasar's perpective on Felton:
Felton is all smiles. He will quietly laugh at you for minutes at a time. His little smile makes me feel special. He loves hugs. His favorite place in the world is a shoulder to lean on. He has a healthy appetite. He cries when he is hungry. And nothing other than food can settle him down. He has very little use for a pacifier. He has so many facial expressions. Most of which have a look of being happy and interested. His body currently fits what I think he will grow up to become. Just a tough cookie who can take a beating...and keep on ticking. Through his eyes, I can see an inner strength that gives him the appearance of being the older child. Through his smile I can see a little prankster that will hide behind doors to scare people. He is easy going and enjoys naps in his car seat. He is very close to Kim and is at peace when she is holding him. I think he will grow up to do great things in this world.

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