Thursday, November 13, 2008

Comfort meets crazy

My husband is a FREAK! I never realized how "particular" Ceasar was until we had kids. He definitely likes things a certain way and it makes him anxious if things vary a little. This has been so funny to witness because (pre-kids) he was a fairly laid back guy. No no no...not when it comes to our babies. It's too hot outside, it's too windy, the lights are too bright, it's too loud. Well, to be honest, it is TOO CUTE how much he cares about their comfort. And that's really all it boils down to. He wants to provide comfort. A perfect example of this was last night. I wanted to take them downstairs to play before we put them down for the night and this was the conversation:

Kim: honey, lets go downstairs
Ceasar: it's too cold
Kim: lol no it's not! we are in our house.
Ceasar: I think it's too cold
Kim: Just come down and play

So, I pick up Felton and we head downstairs. I put Felton in his play chair and go into the kitchen. I come out, and this is what I see. Tristen with DOUBLE layers on. She has pajamas on (flannel with feet) PLUS another pair of pants and a coat and if you notice in the background...he turned the fire on as well! Oh, I laughed so hard! At times I do think he is crazy but what can I
say about a father that just wants to provide comfort for his children?


alfballer25 said...

Ceezy is too funny!!! Coming from someone who can't stand layers, its even funnier that he'd wrap her up like that. LOL

The Morginskys said...


Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha....I was just laughing out loud when I read this....I love how bundled up she is :)

Margarita said...

That's hilarious! I can't wait to see you guys and spend some time with the family!!! :)