Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas really is a MAGICal time of year

I have a little lump in my throat just at the thought of writing this blog. Let me start by saying that our dog, Magic, has surprised us all! Everyone has their dog story from when the baby or babies were brought into the home. They get jealous, protective, sad, you name it. But no one was really sure what the story was going to be in our household.

For 7 years, Magic has been our child. The story goes back to our first Christmas as a married couple in 2001. Ceasar hid Magic behind his back (in the palm of his hand) and surprised me on Christmas day. It was so exciting. I cried. For the next 7 years, he was it. We were obsessed. I was in love with my dog.

Fast Forward 7 years and we were pregnant with twins. Everyone had their comments. "you will forget about Magic"...etc. etc. We have NOT! He sleeps in our bed, he still gets our kisses and we still love him. Yes, its different but we love him the same.

He is amazing with Tristen and Felton. I have posted many pictures that display his affection for those little ones. He lays right in between them and just lays his head on their legs. Not to mention, they love him right back...especially Tristen. She LOVES him.

Well, if you got our Christmas card this year, you know that he did not make the picture. This is not because we have forgotten about him. It is simply because we could not take him to the "photo sitting". It was not physically possible. We had a 20 minute professional shoot outside and it would have never worked. So, in honor of our beloved Magic at this Magical time of year, we gave him the spotight. He had his own personal photo shoot and I must say he was stunning.

Here's to you Magic. You will always be our first. We love you SCHUNNY!


graham said...

Magic is a magical pet with all the love a family can give and get in return. Magic is fantastic with the twins and has developed a great bond with them. he is a special pet and makes all our lives better for being a part of our families. DAD/POPPI

The Thrashers said...

Too cute! And you're right we don't forget about our first babies (our dogs). It is different....they move a little lower down the totem pole...but we still love them very much!!!

Margarita said...

How cute! MAGIC is so special :) The pictures look great! I miss you guys!