Wednesday, January 28, 2009

an amazing little girl

I have waited a while to blog about one of my favorite people in the world. Things have been a little busy since we had Tristen & Felton so I wanted to wait until things settled down before I gave this person the proper introduction that she deserves. Prior to my babies arriving in this world, I had VERY little experience with babies. Most of my friends didn’t have children and therefore, babies were not in my every day life. However, back in January of 2001, a little baby girl came into this world and stole my heart. She was beautiful, sweet and perfect! I was in the room when she was born. I was young and wasn’t ready for children but I thought if this is what it’s like…bring it on!

My niece Kharis just turned 9 years old. She is so special to me. Even though she lives in Orlando, we are so close. Over the last 9 years, I have made every effort to be the best Aunt I could possibly be for her. It goes without saying, Ceasar is an exceptional Uncle. Our relationship is special in many ways. She was the only child in our family for many years and trust me when I say, she got ALL THE LOVE.

It was an adjustment for Kharis when we had Tristen & Felton. She handled it amazingly though. She is the smartest and most caring child I know. She’s a deep thinker and cares for her family like you wouldn’t think is possible. I would watch her look at Ceasar and me as we rocked our babies and fed them. I could see the look in her eyes. These babies came into this world and stole us away from her. It broke my heart but I knew that she would understand one day. Actually, I think she understood it all on that day. We were too tired for our usual slumber parties, there was no time for manicures & pedicures, wrestling matches with Ceezy were just too loud, you get the point. We had to say no to Kharis for the first time in her life. Her response: It’s ok Kimmi, how can I help with the babies? Simply put…she is amazing.

So, here’s to my niece Kharis. The most amazing 9 year old I know. We love you girl. You are the best!

Love, Aunt Kimmi and Uncle Ceezy

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alfballer25 said...

Such a sweet blog. I know it will light up her day. She loves you all so much! PS. It was Jan of 2000, not 2001...LOL