Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Holiday glow

I have not blogged in so long. On many occasions though, I have stopped in the middle of something and thought “this would be a great blog topic” but then I couldn’t seem to find the time to hop on my computer and therefore, the opportunity would quickly pass.

So, here is me diving back into this slowly. We had a great Christmas and New Years. It was a little scattered with driving, sick babies, family in town…you know, the usual holiday stuff. All in all though, we were able to slow down and enjoy the first holiday season with Tristen & Felton. Like I said, I had many blog moments with very insightful thoughts, but those moments passed and now all I have are cute pictures for the time being. Now that life is back to normal, I hope to get back into the routine of blogging weekly. We hope you all had a great holiday season. Here are the top line events that took place for us.

1. We became addicted to the TV series called Heroes. Seriously addicted…
2. Felton came down with a virus called Roseola (basically a 3 day high fever with a bad rash)
3. Tristen cheeks GLOW in the dark. They really do GLOW.
4. Felton laughs at everything (no need to tickle him…he will laugh on his own. Let me repeat, NO NEED TO TICKLE HIM…he will laugh on his own)
5. We have slowly started baby sign language
6. We started running with our new BOB Stroller (thanks mimi and poppi). It’s amazing.
7. We hired a new nanny.
8. We realized that having kids makes the holidays just that much more amazing!

New Cousin Kyson

Aunt Ashley

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Margarita said...

Look at the adorable candy canes :) LOL. I'm so sad that I didn't get to see the babies! It looks like you guys had a blast with the whole family. Happy New Year!