Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking one for the team

Our household is on the path to a sick free zone. Everyone is feeling better and we have survived (the first of many I’m sure) the circle of sickness. It is inevitable that we will all pass along things to each other for years to come.

It was right about the time that all were healed, that chaos broke out once again. The 5 of us were hanging out playing in bed, enjoying our Saturday morning, when the smiles and laughter turned to blood and tears. Ceasar was holding Felton and he was jumping all around and then it happened. Felton jumped right out of Ceasar’s arms straight toward Tristen. In an effort to save Tristen’s pretty little face and big shiny cheeks, Ceasar pushed Felton to the side to avoid landing on Tristen. Well, he avoided her alright and landed smack on my nose. Pop! Next thing I knew, I was laying face down in a pool full of blood and my face felt as flat as a board. I just knew my nose was broken. As I laid in pain and tears, all I could think about was how glad I was that it was ME and not Tristen. It suddenly dawned on me how natural parenting actually is. Ceasar instinctively and quickly saved Tristen and I so honorably took the HIT. I’m sure my children will thank me later.

So, during this party of five on a nice quiet Saturday morning, I stepped up and took one for the team…


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Gary Dyksterhouse said...

No pictures? Disappointing :)