Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pink & blue.. no grey areas around here

We are now 8 months into this and the real fun is starting to kick in. I imagine we will say this at every new stage.

It's a blast to watch their personalities form right in front of our eyes. We are amazed to see the different traits in them. They are growing up in the same environment, at the same time, yet they are so unique and special.

Tristen is such a girl. She is shy (covers her face to strangers), particular, sweet, gives hugs, sings in her crib and blushes when her daddy gives her kisses. Tristen is our little lady.

Felton is such a boy. He is loud, playful, rough and ALL OVER THE PLACE. The boy has got some speed. He is relentless and isn't afraid of anything. He is our little man.

Regardless of their differences, one thing is for sure, they are in this adventure together. From the looks of things now, they're gonna have each other's back for sure.


The Morginskys said...

kim, those pics of them holding one another is too much!!! i love them!

Margarita said...

What a great entry! They are so cute. I am so happy to see the family so happy :)