Saturday, February 21, 2009

A small price to pay

Tristen and Felton are so worth it. Tristen and Felton are so worth it. Tristen and Felton are so worth it. These are the words I chanted as I was trying on bathing suits at the mall today. Some may ask, why would you do that to yourself? Well, Ceasar and I are going to Jamaica next week (we are really excited to go on a tropical getaway. 5 nights of R&R! To be honest, Tristen & Felton are such great babies that we actually get plenty of sleep. But, it will be nice to get away with Ceasar to a sunny island… fruity drinks, great food, lots of sun and massages. I’m sure after a few drinks each day, we will do nothing but talk about how much we miss our babies. But, we will survive!)

Back to my shopping experience. So, I don’t use the “twin card” often but I think I will today. For those who saw me in my final pregnancy days, you know how HUGE I got. I was so thankful for it because it meant that my babies were big and healthy. For those who never saw me pregnant, here are a few pictures.
22 weeks

27 weeks

34 weeks
36 weeks

It’s hard to get the full effect when I am fully clothed but I decided against posting pictures of myself wearing just a sports bra and yoga pants. Those pictures are in sane. We were looking back at them today and WOW. I needed to look back at them to remind myself that it is ok for me not to be back into my bikini body. I honestly don’t even know if it would be physically possible considering what my body went through. Again, I don’t plan to use the “twin card” a lot but come on, I give myself the pass on this one. I do have dreams of one day being back in a bikini, but for now, I will proudly wear my tankini. Why does it not bother me more? As I was trying on bathing suits, I looked in the mirror and 2 sweet faces were staring back at me from their stroller. Felton was actually sticking his tongue out at me and Tristen was blowing bubbles. I smiled, laughed out loud, put the bathing suits back on the hanger and said let’s go home and play.

What could have been a bad day of shopping turned into another day of gratitude.


The Thrashers said... use that "twin pass" all you want!!!

Valerie said...

How gorgeous were you pregnant! OMG! You rock that tankini, have a drink for me, and have such a wonderful getaway with your husband!

ljfelton said...

I knew this "bikini moment" was coming and I also knew how you would feel. You are so right...those precious babies are so worth it! I'm proud to be your Mom.