Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No worries at The Caves

We recently returned from our first big vacation away from Tristen & Felton. Anyone who knows us well, knows that we are deeply infatuated with our children. We don’t care to go out to dinners, movies or even to the store without them with us. People are always offering to keep them and we just have no desire. Our theory is that we were married for 7 years before they came along and now we want to celebrate every day with them. We just don’t ever want a break. Knowing this, we thought it was going to be really hard for us to take a vacation away from them. Wrong. We had a blast and don’t feel guilty about it at all! There were a few factors that didn’t hurt the situation:
1. We were at a resort that did not allow children. Therefore, we did not see any babies to make us feel that sick pit in our stomach.
2. We were at a resort that didn’t have internet or tv’s in the room. Therefore, we did not see any pictures of babies that could make us feel that sick pit in our stomach.
3. We were at a resort that was unbelievable breathtaking.
4. My parents were keeping them and we were excited about them connecting with Tristen & Felton in a way that you can’t do with 3 hour visits to our house. (side note-thanks mom & dad, you guys did an amazing job with them!)

All that being said, we did miss them but we enjoyed every single moment of our vacation. What a blast! Without sounding too mushy, it was a reminder of how much Ceasar and I enjoy being with each other. We didn’t need activities, golf, tv, computers, facebook or cell phones. It was us, the sun and our surroundings. After 9 months of loving and focusing on our new little miracles, Ceasar and I were back to our roots. Just the 2 of us…

It was 5 nights and 6 days of sheer relaxation and bliss. When it was time to go home, we acknowledged the beauty of the place, the beauty of our friendship and marriage, packed it all up and headed to the airport. Heading to the airport, we were literally crawling out of our skin with excitement to see Tristen & Felton. The reunion was like 2 kids in a candy shop (Ceasar and I being the kids). We could not get enough of them!

How often should couples pack it up and head off alone without their children? Should parents feel guilty? My answer is as often as you want and you shouldn’t feel guilty at all. I love the balance. I can’t wait to vacation WITH them but I also look forward to future vacations with my husband alone.

Our pictures are in the album to the right. We tried to capture it all. If you ever want to get away to a fabulous place…

No worries mon!

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