Wednesday, April 8, 2009

update on Ceasar

It's late and I am tired but oh so thankful. I will post more later but wanted to give a quick update on Ceasar for those I have not been able to talk to yet:

He is doing well! After quite the scare on Monday, we got the results back today and everything looks good. Heart, lungs, head, blood...all look good. Diagnosis as of today: dehydration, extremely high muscle enzymes and an infection that is being treated with antibiotics.

It was quite the scare on Monday afternoon when he passed out at work. It has been a long week in the hospital but we are so thankful Ceasar is ok. I will keep it at that for now. I'm sure I/we will post more of our thoughts later...

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Once again, we are reminded that we have amazing friends and family.

I love you Ceasar. Thank you God.

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