Monday, May 18, 2009

The first of many

My first mother’s day could not have been more special. I spent the weekend at my favorite place, the lake, with my favorite people (Ceasar, Tristen, Felton & Magic). It was the first of many things. The first time they got in the water, the first time they put on a bathing suit, the first time they wore sunscreen, and the first time I got to celebrate Mother’s Day. The outcome of the day:
Tristen didn’t exactly love the water

Felton could have chilled in the lake all day

They looked adorable in their bathing suits, and I got a beautiful gift.

I wasn’t expecting a gift. I told Ceasar that all I wanted was to be at the lake with my family (wow, I just sounded like my mom). But to much surprise, as we were all sitting on the floor playing, Felton handed me a card and a box. A small brown box. I opened it up and it was a beautiful emerald and diamond necklace. I was so surprised. I’m the girl who wears Target earings. I’m not one that needs nice jewelry but wow, I was speechless. Ceasar said he wanted to get me something very special for my first mother’s day. He wanted to give me their birthstone and it was in the shape of a circle...for the circle of life. He hopes that Tristen will one day wear it on her wedding day and if she is blessed enough to have her own children, I can pass it down on her first mother's day and so on and so on. He put such thought into this gift and as much as I LOVE all the gifts he has ever given me, this is by far, the most special gift. He said that I will only have my first mother’s day once and he wanted it to be special. He knows I don’t need diamonds. The necklace is beautiful but the thought that went into it and the dreams of the future it holds, is priceless.

Thanks to my family for a very memorable first Mother's Day!


The Morginskys said...

ugh! i LOVE tristen's passion! she just knows what she wants! lets see a pic of that necklace! way to go C!

Jana said...

That is so sweet!