Friday, June 19, 2009

What a difference a year makes

Last year around this time, we took Tristen and Felton to the beach. Well, we took them to my parent’s beach house. They never made it down to the beach. They were so young and we knew it would be more work than fun to actually take them down to the beach. So, in order to keep all things happy in our world, we opted to keep them on their rigid schedule, as this was during those first few months we were working SO HARD (let me repeat: SO HARD) to get them on the same schedule. Fast forward a year later and it was quite a different beach trip. I have decided to highlight a few of the more notable differences below. Please note that while this year was much more enjoyable:), we still appreciate the first year because we know we will never get those sweet first baby days back.


LY:We were nervous new parents to twins TY:We are relaxed excited parents
LY:The drive took 8 hours TY:It only took 4 hours and 45 minutes
LY:Packed my pump and 1 million bottles TY:Threw groceries in a bag and was on our way
LY:Naps all day long (Eat, activity, Sleep: repeat) TY:Down to a morning nap and afternoon nap
LY:Up all throughout the night TY:Sleeping all night long
LY:No beach TY:Beach every single day
LY:No pool TY:Lots of pool time
LY:Their skin did not see the sun TY:They got SO tan
LY:I spent all day pumping and cleaning bottles TY:I drank cold beer and got a tan
LY:They only wore onesies TY:They wore sundresses, hats, bathing suits, sunglasses
LY:I wore a tankini TY:Ok, I still wore a tankini…beach trip in august, I will be in my bikinis!

Looking back, last year seems so hard but while we were in it, we were tired yes, but unhappy…not at all. It’s the journey that has been so fun. This year, we really enjoyed watching Tristen & Felton explore everything the beach had to offer. Here is a sneak preview of the week. The entire album is on the right of this page.

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