Monday, June 1, 2009

Who says moms can't drop the top?

I love being a mom. I find it very entertaining to watch myself. One year into it and I am starting to get the whole process down. You go out with the kids, you take a diaper bag. You go out with the kids in the heat, you take sippy cups. You go out with the kids to a restaurant, you bring a stroller. This may sound like common sense to some of you but for me, it took a few times:). I have left the diaper bag, the sippy cups and the stroller. Imagine it. Two babies, no diaper bag, someone was bound to need a new diaper during dinner. Yep, I learned my lesson quickly!

I’m a working mom so during the week I grab my latte and laptop bag and run out the door. So, when it’s the weekend, I try to switch into full mommy mode… drive the big car, pack up the diaper bag (double duty) and head out to hit the park, shopping, lunch, etc. But occasionally, I still try to be the pre-mom Kim. Well, it’s my revised version. Pre-mom days, I would hop in my convertible and leisurely go to Target to walk the aisles and get groceries, clothes, makeup, whatever excited me at that moment. Now, I still hop in my convertible (during nap time of course) but I have 45 minutes to get everything done. I have my list, I run through the aisles, I text Ceasar making sure they are still asleep and I quickly get it all done. If my phone rings, I don’t answer it. Who has time to talk? If I see a cute top, I buy it. Who has time to try things on? I gotta get to the diaper aisle. When I'm finished, I run to my car, drop the top, turn up my radio and enjoy the 2.5 minute ride home. Only now, I fill up the back seat with much different items. You can imagine the looks I get on the road. I get such a kick out of days like this!

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