Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It’s been almost a month since my last posting. This is sad to me because I enjoy sharing our lives on this blog and have gotten such positive feedback from readers. I was talking to Ceasar the other day about the fact that it’s been so long since I have written and he said, “maybe it’s because we are past the first year”. We talked about the fact that during the first year, everything is just so new and there are so many emotions. The babies were changing so much every day and I had new emotions/thoughts all the time. The first year was such a transitional year and as a couple, we were figuring this parenting thing out day by day. We thought, maybe we were now in our groove, and there wasn’t as much to talk about. And just as I was starting to believe this theory and thought maybe this blog was only meant to last for the first year, I quickly slapped myself in the face and said no way! This is only the beginning! The truth is, we definitely have fallen into more of a routine. The days and weeks tend to go by quickly and the summer is flying past us. I feel like there was such an anticipation for THE FIRST BIRTHDAY that everything has kind of just passed us by since then. I am constantly hearing parents talk about how quickly their kids are growing up…”time just flies and before you know it, they will be graduating from high school”. Well, I won’t let this happen. We pride ourselves in enjoying each and every moment and not always looking for the next best thing. We rarely talk about when they will walk or when they will talk. Our typical conversation is about that day and the furthest we usually talk about, is the weekend ahead. So, as we are living in the moment and not letting the time pass us by, I ask this blog to hold me accountable. I want to appreciate every single day that has taken place, and will take place AFTER THE FIRST BIRTHDAY. I promise to continue capturing our lives through this blog, even if it’s just for my accountability.

Update from the last month:
ME- I have been busier than ever at work. I’m still trying to juggle it all. It’s a daily challenge and I hope to be there soon. I traveled to Minneapolis for a week and then went on my annual vacation with my girlfriends from high school. All the while, I am finally attempting to get back in shape through yoga and some, I repeat some (ok, once) running.
CEASAR- He’s been running the house since I’ve been gone. He did great. That Ceasar never seizes to amaze me. He loves taking care of his kids but he LOVES me being home even more:).
FELTON-He is all over the place. He can’t stand still for a minute. Because of this, he has busted his lip, bruised his cheek, cut his head and smiled the entire time.

TRISTEN- This princess is just as beautiful as ever (I can say that right?). She is talking away, giving hugs and kisses to everyone and is just simply the sweetest girl. I think she is really starting to look like Ceasar.

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The Morginskys said...

hey! i just blogged for the first time in a while too! next vaca together lets get the babes together!!!