Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lasagna for two

Growing up, Lasagna was always my favorite meal. Every birthday, my parents would take me to The Spaghetti Factory in downtown Atlanta to eat Lasagna. Every time I filled out one of those questionnaires as a child, everyone else listed pizza and cheeseburgers as their favorite food, mine always = lasagna!

So, tonight I decided to make my first homemade lasagna. You would think if I loved it so much, I wouldn’t settle for the Stouffers all these years but it just never occurred to me to actually make my own. After a fun filled Sunday with my family, I decided to whip up a quick homemade lasagna. I had hungry kids in the background and I got them to be quiet by throwing chicken fingers and broccoli at them. It wasn’t quite that dramatic but it seemed like it was. I can be QUITE determined when I have my mind set on something. I was going to make this lasagna tonight. I have learned to be a very quick chef these days. Therefore, as the kids ate their dinner, I made this gourmet meal for Ceasar and me (please note: kids will get to eat this tomorrow night:).

I finished the dish, popped it in the oven, all in perfect timing to carry Tristen and Felton up for their evening bath. I found myself thinking only of this lasagna. My children were splashing and playing and all I could see was noodles and meat and sauce and ricotta cheese. Once we finished our sweet evening routine, I looked at Ceasar and said “well, it’s time for bed”. He said “what, we still have a few minutes”? “oh no buddy, not tonight, I thought”. What I said was “well, they seem extra tired tonight”. So, there, I have said it, I put my children down a few minutes early tonight to eat my homemade lasagna!

Oh, and it was a GLORIOUS LASAGNA. Sleep tight…don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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