Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cold drinks for two please

I’ve been meaning to blog about our last beach vacation this summer. We got back a few weeks ago and it was a great 9 days in Wild Dunes. I am such a beach momma. We are such a beach family. Still taking two naps a day, we managed to take the kids to the beach every single afternoon. After their morning nap and before their afternoon nap, we would quickly feed lunch, slap on sunscreen, put on the swimmers/bathing suits, pack up the golf cart and head to the beach. Ceasar and I were usually sweating by the time we got to the beach, but every single day…it was worth it. We made sandcastles, smashed other kids sandcastles, made baby pools, collected shells, ate shells and ate sand. We went nonstop until one of them (ok, Tristen) would start crying because she was ready for her afternoon nap. What did this mean? Cold drinks and hot sun for the parents of 15 month old twins. Who would think that is possible? How is it possible to have 2 toddlers running around on the beach one minute, but the next we are chilling on the beach with cold drinks and reading magazines? One word…GRANDPARENTS. Here’s the thing, we would happily go in with our kids for their nap if we had to. We had our years of beach time with no kids and we love where we are now. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. BUT. BUT. BUT. If they offer, heck yeah! So, thanks to Mimi and Poppi for so willingly taking Tristen and Felton to the house each and every day. They have a special bond with our kids and my dad (Poppi) is just as hands on as my mom. He takes great pride in this. With twins, there is no “taking a back seat”. Mimi takes one and Poppi takes the other. It has been really fun to watch them enjoy our kids. We are SO thankful for them.

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