Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No exaggeration needed

I get asked all the time if Tristen and Felton are starting to talk to each other, if they play together, if they "know each other". Yes, Yes, Yes! They do all of the above AND they tongue kiss. Those who know me well may think this is me being “Dramatic Kim” but nope, they provide such great material each day, that I don't even have to exaggerate anymore.

Tonight, I was giving them their nightly milk and Tristen leaned over and served Felton his milk (sippy cup with a straw). She held his sippy cup while he drank the whole thing. He smiled the entire time and so did she. When he finished, he leaned over and gave her the sweetest kiss I have ever seen. He puckered up and she gave all tongue. It was such a sweet twin moment. I sat there and thought, “did this really just happen?” People are always making comments to me like “I don’t know how you do it”, “I can’t even imagine”, etc etc. It’s the easiest and best thing I have ever done…

Oh, he topped off the kiss with a nice loud burp. Typical boy.

Recent pictures that showcase their special bond...

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