Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boys will be boys and girls are just more careful

Even at an early age, the differences in boys and girls are very apparent. From day one, Felton has gone full force into life, while Tristen carefully approaches every situation/milestone. Felton doesn’t think about the consequences, he just goes for it. Tristen scopes out the situation, thinks about the consequences (positive and negative) and then comes to her decision. This has been a pattern with everything so far. Breastfeeding, eating solids, sippy cups, sleeping patterns, crawling, and most recently walking. Felton started walking/running into things, several months ago. Tristen, not so much. Felton has gotten cuts, bruises, name it, and it didn't stop him from going full speed ahead. I love his adventurous nature and willingness to take life head on. He’s such a boy.

For months now, people have been asking if Tristen is walking yet. My answer: “Nope, not yet.” Ceasar’s answer: “She can walk but chooses not to.” That’s the protective dad for ya:). Well, he was right. She could physically walk (we saw spurts of it at times) but she really did choose not to do it because she didn’t have it perfectly mastered yet.

Last week when I got home from work, she just walked right past me out of the blue. I couldn’t believe it! And she has been perfectly walking ever since. No falling, no crashing into the walls, none of that. Gracefully and smoothly walking around her home. What a beautiful thing to watch... Pure perfection in my eyes!

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