Monday, October 19, 2009

Happily ever after

Part one to my story: Naturally uncrafty
After shopping around, I couldn't find any princess dresses that would fit Tristen for her Halloween costume this year. They were all toddler sizes (well besides the character ones which is not what I was looking for). A friend at work heard me talking about it and said "why don't you just make one"? Now that is just hysterical. Was she kidding? But after much encouragement, I said ok. I thought, why not? I can break out the inner craftiness in me that has been hiding for 32 years of my life. My motto has always been, if you can buy one, why try to make it? Well, I'm a mom now and it would be quite rewarding to make things for my kids. So after talking myself up (and getting a detailed shopping list from my friend), I went to Hobby Lobby and shopped, I mean stared at the walls. I called my friend several times to get clarification on everything. She told me to get elastic (there was a whole wall of elastic). She told me to get tulle (there were 50 different colors). She told me to get ribbon... you get where this is going. It was quite overwhelming and what should have taken about 20 minutes, took me over an hour. After leaving the store feeling all crafty and domestic, I had one more stop at TJMax to get a long sleeve onesie as part of the costume. As I walked in the store, I saw a whole section of really cute princess dresses. No!!! Don't tempt me! I am so close to being all domestic and then you just go and throw perfectly made princess dresses in front of me. AND, they were only $12. What do you think I did? YES. I gave in. I bought all of them. I wasn't going to attempt trying them on Tristen at the store. So, I bought every single option and took them home for her to try on.

Part 2: Naturally Fiesty
If you're gonna dress up as a princess, shouldn't you be required to act like one? If that's the case, someone needs to share this info with my feisty daughter. Only kidding...well, sort of. When I came home with several princess dresses for her to try on...she chose to scream the entire time. I guess I should note that it was past her dinner time so she was hungry and cranky. But come on, must you kick and slap while I try to put the tiara on your head? Must you throw the wand to stab me in the eye? Truth be told, her feistiness is one of the things I love most about her. I wouldn't change if for anything...
I have to admit. I was a bit sad that I wasn't going to make her dress, so I bought a pink onesie (for under her dress) and I sewed on sequins around the neck and sleeves. This alone is a huge step for me. Although it's a sparkly onesie now, my girl doesn't need any help lighting up a room.

Dear Feisty Tristen: Thank you for being my strong willed princess. You make a momma proud. I love you, Mom/Martha

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