Thursday, October 1, 2009

A little trust can go a long way

17 months into it and I am still in awe of having twins. Well, I am in awe of being a parent in general but some days my aweness is all around having twins. I am part of a few Mother's of Multiples groups and all you hear them talk about is how it keeps getting better. LOTS of work but definitely better because you get to see them form a special bond with each other. Well, I believe it. Watching them grow WITH each other is amazing. Yes, they are experiencing milestones at different times (crawling, walking, talking, etc) and we try very hard not to compare them. They are individuals to say the very least. But, at the same time, it's so fun to watch them explore this world together. There are times when I can't believe my eyes. In just the last month, I believe they have really started to understand each other. Before, it seemed like they just felt the other's presence, but now, they are forming a unique bond that is really hard to even explain. My top ten bonding moments have been:
10. Holding hands in their wagon
9. Sharing food at the table
8. Sharing milk and pacifiers
7. Tristen clapping every time Felton walks in a room
6. Tristen patting Felton's back as he burps
5. Felton laying on Tristen's back while she drinks her milk
4. Constantly sitting in each other's lap
3. Brushing each other's hair
2. Watching them meet at their favorite "stoop" at 7pm each evening to talk about their day

Tristen hasn't walked on her own yet. She hasn't quite built up the confidence to do it on her own. She is so careful with everything that she does and walking is no different. She will stand up on her own but she won't walk without us holding her hands. Today, in our backyard, she was just hanging out behind Felton. They exchanged a few words (we don't understand their language yet) and then all of a sudden we witnesses the sweetest, kindest, act of trust. Watch for your own eyes.


The Morginskys said...

the sweetest post ever! my fav is seeing C scoop her up before she even touches the ground at the end!!!

The Cutrells said...

SO sweet! I love it!

The Thrashers said...

Too precious Kim! Sweetest video! I can tell they bring you so much joy!!

Elizabeth said...

That makes me want to cry it's so dern sweet! Matt just watched it with me and said, "See. that's why we should have twins!"

Icsi said...

oh lord, how sweet is that? my b/g twins get cuter sweeter every day. I only hope we get to capture them like this too. Makes your heart swell and your pride skyrocket doesn't it.