Monday, November 30, 2009

my locks of love

while out in public and amongst friends, the questions from people have quickly switched from "how do you do it?, are they twins?, do twins run in your family?, are they identical (lol)?" to "when are you going to cut his hair cut?" not sure why people asked this so much but i have a feeling it may have been because it started getting our of control. and by IT, i mean felton's hair. you would think i was torturing the child by some of the comments i got. i guess some people think letting a boy's hair grow too long does equal torture. oh well, everyone has an opinion but mommy's is the only one that counts:). however, after holding out for months, i decided it had gotten long enough, when every moment of the day started looking like he just woke up from a long/hard afternoon nap!

so, on november 21st, felton got his first big boy hair cut. please note that ceasar was standing by really really close taking notes because "no one can cut my boy's hair better than me". this may have bee felton's only trip to the "children's salon" because i think that husband of mine, is looking forward to doing it himself. none the less, felton was a great customer and he has the cut to show for it. the pictures below tell the story!

The "Morning After"

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The Thrashers said...

I got (& still get) that with Jackson. I like it long so that's all that matters!!! :) FYI: I love Felton's hair!