Wednesday, December 16, 2009

trading places

tomorrow is tristen & felton's 18 month well visit. we are a few weeks late but that's only because, well, i forgot to make the appointment. yes, things slip by me every once in a while...i have accepted that.

18, they are no longer babies. true toddlers they are! looking back at how their personalities have grown, it's even more amazing to see how they have flat out traded places. tristen has fully bloomed into this funny, crazy girl with lots of personality. she is no longer impatient. she is no longer loud. she is no longer mean:). more importantly, i am no longer scared of her! she is sweet, cuddly, FUNNY, outgoing, patient, sharing and so much more. ugh, i can't get enough of that sweet thing. i could spend all day kissing on those cheeks!

felton on the other hand has become a bit more feisty or should i say "boy like". he is less patient. he screams loud. he gets frustrated. he doesn't cuddle and kiss on me. until tonight... just when i was starting to get sad that he wasn't as lovey dovey, he came out of his shell again. he's definitely still more of the "mine mine mine, let me be" kinda guy, but he will blow you a kiss and step on your face all at the same time.

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The Thrashers said...

Too cute! And to make you feel better, Jackson still hasn't made it for his 1 year check-up (from July)!!!! I'm awful!!! I'm waaaay behind. Now you should feel like a mom on top of things!