Saturday, January 23, 2010

easy isn't always the answer

20 months old couldn't be more fun. we have spent so many days of their lives just hanging around the house, because, well...with twin babies, it was just easier. once they started walking and became young toddlers, we still stayed around the house because, well...with twin toddlers in the early stages of walking around, it was just easier. now that they are running, climbing, hanging, jumping and exploring life, it just seems down right selfish to keep them in the house too much. yes, it would still be easier, but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. so, we don't. we pack them up and we go off and explore. and it is SO MUCH FUN. i never thought such simple things in life would bring me such joy. and really it's because such simple things in life bring children such joy.

tristen has become really shy and looks down at her feet when anyone new walks up. felton is more outgoing and willing to exlore new things. he won't go without tristen though. he takes her hand and they exlore together. so, in the spirit of celebrating 20 months of life and new adventures outside the home, we expereinced some new things this weekend: story time at the library, story time at Barnes & Noble and our most favorite... pet smart! who new pet smart could be a free zoo, aquarium and playgroung all wrapped up in one!

with twins, sometimes it would be easier to stay at home. but, when i see their faces light up because of an orange fish, a new possilbe friend or a life size doggy named clifford....who cares about easy? these kids are worth every tiring moment this parenting thing has to offer! happy 20 months of life to my precious tristen & felton!

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