Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tristen vs felton

as we approached super bowl last week, there was a competitive excitement in the air. its that time of year when the 2 best teams really fight it out to see who will end up on top. no matter what the details are, there is really only one thing that matters... who WINS. unfortunately, I am not talking about the saints vs colts. i am referring to a 20 month old strong willed girl and a very physical and pushy 20 month old boy. all the sweet cuddles and kisses they once shared have just been thrown right out the window this week. its sad to watch them go at it, hit each other, throw each other down and just flat out go for blood. but they are toddlers and they are being forced to learn, grow and share everything. i have heard several twin moms say that while it is great because they have instant best friends, they are also toddlers (at the same time!) so they have instant punching bags as well. we know they are still too young to really, truly understand what is going on so we do as the experts tell us to do. we remove them from the situation and refocus their energy onto something else. it works. they instantly become happy again and forget why they were upset… until the next challenge surfaces and we all hold our breaths and wonder “who will be victorious this time?”

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