Monday, March 22, 2010

the milk man is oh so sweet

it absolutely amazes me how sweet and understanding these kids can be at such a young age. there are times when i watch them interact and i think, "if only the entire world were so kind"...and then WACK tristen will smack felton across the back and wake me up quickly:).

felton is my sweet and sensitve little boy. he is wise beyond his years and he goes to extreme measures to make sure tristen is happy. this past weekend, tristen caught the stomach bug. that girl is resilient. it was so sad...she was vomitting and had a fever and was pretty miserable. she slept with me in bed (ceasar was out of town) and we had a fun little slumber party. the best part of the night was when i woke up to her laying next to me, stroking my hair. she was just staring at me, rubbing my hair. ugh, i just wanted to squeeze the mess out of her. the night actually went by pretty quickly and in the morning, i knew it would be a struggle to keep her from drinking after felton. he had not caught it yet and i wanted to keep it that way.

just like any other day, they both woke up saying "milk milk milk". they LOVE their milk in the morning. well, unfortunately tristen wasn't going to get that luxury this morning. milk was the last thing she needed after a night of the stomach bug. i couldn't deprive my boy though so i took him into a side room and we were going to hide from tristen as he drank his milk. but, it dawned on me that he may understand the situation if i just explained it to him. yes, he is only 22 months but the two of them have a special bond and he may just understand AND HAVE SYMPATHY.

me: felton, i know you love love love your milk but so does tristen. she is not feeling well, she has an upset tummy. i want you to drink your milk in here and you can't take it out in front of sissy because it will make her sad. can you stay in here for mommy and drink your milk?

felton (all action and no words): immediately stops drinking his milk, closes the top of his sippy cup, hands it to me, climbs out of my lap and starts walking into the other room. i followed him and watched as he climbed up on the couch with tristen and sat down quietly next to her and didn't say a word.

it was in that moment that i knew he will always be sensitive to whatever she is going through...he gave up his most beloved morning milk for his sister.

the next day, i told him that tristen was feeling much better and he smiled and laughed. i didn't think much of it until a few minutes later when i walked into the kitchen and he was sitting on the floor next to her, shoving his sippy cup straw into her mouth. he was so excited that she could finally have milk again!

A sick/worn out Tristen:(

A sweet sweet milk man:)

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The Thrashers said...

Ok, that story almost made me cry (and I don't cry). Sweetest thing ever!! Makes me want twins!!!