Sunday, April 18, 2010

a conversation between a boy and a girl

as tristen & felton have gotten older (they turn 2 next month!), I definitely think of them less as twins and more as my son and daughter that happen to have the same birthday. they are just so different and really have formed their own unique personalities. many mom's of multiples spend so much of their time and effort trying to help their twins/triplets form their own identity but with a boy and a girl, it happens naturally and quickly. as they are both coming into their own little people, they still very much have the unique twin bond. I talk about their relationship a lot on here and it's because it constantly amazes me and I feel so BLESSED to have this experience as their mom. they really do have their own language. whether it's through words or actions, I am reminded every single day of the connection these two have with each other. i find myself sitting and watching them for long periods of time. it never gets old to me watching them learn how to speak and grow together. people ask me all the time if it's true about twins having their own language. well, I think this video speaks for itself.


Sharon Morginsky said...

oh my. i just laughed and laughed. she was like, lets go take a nap! and he's like-lets go ride bikes!
love it! wish we could have a play date!!!! and way to go on the organic garden!

The Browns said...

i know! that was totally their conversation. they crack me up!

The Bartletts said...

I love that he keeps waiting on her and holding her hand, and then she sprints away! so funny! They are precious!