Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a plate full of differences

a friend of mine gave tristen & felton a book called hello twins by charlotte voake. it's such a cute illustration book that talks about the differences in a set of boy/girl twins. the description goes like this:

In appealing, elemental words and pictures, Voake introduces twins who are "not like each other at all." At mealtimes, Simon polishes off his plate with gusto, while Charlotte ignores her food and sucks her thumb. Charlotte likes to build tall towers; Simon likes to knock them down. The words are basic, but the message is clear: the twins may "do everything differently," but they "like each other just the way they are." Voake echoes the intensity of the twins' separate-but-together bond in spare spreads that set the twins and their toys against plain, cream-colored backgrounds--no parents, no furniture, no outside world.

i love this description. it's a pretty simple message but dead on. and just to give my own little illustration, i wanted to give you a snap shot of our dinner table tonight. i made pasta with sauce and meatballs. after a few minutes of gobbling up there dinner, here is what was left on their plates:
Felton's plate

Tristen's plate

exact opposites. felton is my meat lover and tristen is my vegetarian. so, what do i do? i take a look and instead of trying to get them to eat what's remaining on their plates, i simply just swap them. they grin at each other and proceed to clean each other's plate. i love how different they are and just like the story goes, "they may do things differently but they like each other just the way they are".

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The Hutchinson Family said...

ok - I felt like I could have written this post! We have the book and we "swap plates" almost nightly! :)
--Heidi Hutchinson