Sunday, May 23, 2010

turning two and loving you

dear tristen: happy birthday sweet girl. i can't believe you are two years old today. wow how time flies when you are having fun. and we are having FUN! thinking back to when you were a baby, you were quite the screamer and we all walked around the house on egg shells:). now, you are just a bundle of silliness and laughter. every day is a new adventure with you and i am just so thankful to have you in our lives. you love to dance, sing and act crazy. sometimes i feel like i am looking in the mirror when i look at you. recently you have started talking and saying yes mam and thank you. you have such great manners. the other day, felton decided to sleep late so you and i had breakfast together. i sat with you and told you the story of the day you were born. I intended for the story to be about a minute long but the way you stared at me and listened encouraged me to keep on going. you melt my heart the way you look up to me. i went on to tell you about the scariest but best day of my life. you listened to me and did not move for ten whole minutes. you are the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world and I love you more than you will ever know. happy 2nd birthday tristen!

dear felton: happy birthday sweet boy. I can't believe my baby boy is two. it seems like just yesterday that I was rocking you to sleep in the middle of the night. you have always been the sweetest little boy in the whole wide world. how did I get so lucky to be your momma? in the last year, you have not only started walking but you are running everywhere. you go full speed when you play but when you are tired, you are my cuddly one. you absolutely love to throw a ball and swing a golf club. this makes daddy very happy. you love to eat meat and milk is your best friend. nighttime is the best with you. its always the same routine and you never let us miss a step in the process. you want your milk, your bear, your blanket and your sheet. you want to kiss the train night night and say your prayers. in recent months, you have started becoming a momma's boy and I love it. you weren't always like that. your daddy has always been your first choice and I am ok with that as long as you wink at me throughout the day. and boy do you wink. all the ladies love felton. this may be a problem in the future years:). when you laugh, everything stops. you remind me so much of your dad. you are sweet, funny and sensitive. i love you so much. i am having such a blast watching you grow! happy 2nd birthday big boy!

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Carrie said...

love your posting. can't believe it's been two years. btw - jonah has that same white shirt that Felton is wearing. too funny. -c