Wednesday, July 14, 2010

summer love

my lack of updates doesn't mean that we've had a boring summer. it has been anything BUT! i love summertime. the summer brings many celebrations for the brown family: tristen & felton's birthday, my birthday, ceasar's birthday, our anniversary, 4th of july, beach trips, lake trips and much much more! every day i think about something special that could be written on here. but every day comes and goes and I don't get to capture it in writing. i have been able to capture a lot of the special moments on camera though and i hope to update my albums on here soon. below are a few of my favorite pictures from our beach trip last month.

while we have had some great vacations and amazing celebrations this summer, there is one moment that absolutely stands out amongst everything. tristen & felton have started talking in sentences. shorts sentences but none the less, they are sentences. things such as "more eat please", "i want more please", "hi mommy, where's dadda?", "move magic", "mommy, I poopied". its so fun watching them grow in their language development. tristen is talking a little more than felton and she absolutely talks with more expression. she will roll her tongue and her eyes just to get her important message across to us. you can watch this short piece of a video to see what i am talking about.
last week (getting back to my favorite summer moment to date), we were all hanging out and they both looked at me and said "love you mommy". what? are you kidding me? did you really just say that to me? tristen repeated it, "i love you momma" and then felton said it too, "I love you mommy". they looked at each other and laughed. my summer was complete. nothing else amazing has to happen for the entire summer and i can chalk it up to the best one yet. now by labor day, they better be saying to me "mommy, i love you. you are the best mom in the world and do so much to keep this family going. you go to work, you cook, you take us on picnics and to the park. how do you do so much? i sure do love you. you're the best mommy in the world"

i love you too sweet girl and big boy!

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