Monday, August 30, 2010

perfectly prepared for preschool

does it really take an hour to pack a lunch?

is it really necessary to find the perfect water bottle?

is it possible for the parents to be more nervous than the kids? yes yes and yes.

monday was the first day of preschool. im not gonna try and play hard here, i was pretty nervous. i wasn't nervous about leaving the kids, because i've been doing that since they were 3 months old. i wasn't nervous about someone else spending time with them other than me, because that's been going on since they were 3 months old too. i was however nervous about doing everything right for them. i wanted their lunches to be perfect. i wanted their backpacks to be perfect. i wanted their school supplies to be perfect. i wanted everything to be perfect. and it's not about other people thinking they look perfect, it's about me wanting things to BE perfect for THEM. i wanted the morning to go smooth. i only got one shot at their first day of preschool and i didn't want to screw it up:). however, i managed to:
1. leave the plastic on the sliced cheese on their sandwich
2. forget my battery charger at the beach, so my nice nikon camera was dead
3. leave my laptop on the dining room table so that when I got to work, I had to turn around and go back home

other than that, the morning was flawless. no really, it actually was quite smooth. the kids were amazing. they cried when we dropped them off but i got a text from the teacher a few minutes later and it said "already happy. less than 3 minutes of tears".

at orientaion, the teachers asked us to draw hearts on all our hands before the first day of school.

they were going to tell the kissing hand story (i love this story and you can read about it here we told tristen & felton that if they got missed us to just look at their hands and kiss their hearts. we explained that we would do the same. my boss asked me in the middle of the meeting why i kept "checking my hand" lol.

i knew they would be great. i had meetings all morning so it flew by. when i picked them up, the teachers just raved about them (and all the other kids for that matter). they said it was their easiest first day of 2 year olds in the 5 years they had been teaching. i was so proud of them.

today was a milestone. a really great milestone. we are sooooo about enjoying each and every moment with our kiddos. we hope to never look back and say "we should have enjoyed that stage more". we try and enjoy every single stage and not rush them to grow up. my fear for today was that i would go and pick them up and they would seem like kids and no longer babies. well, that was definitely the case for sure. BUT, it was ok. i enjoyed their baby stage so much and i am really excited for them to become little kids with little friends and wear little backpacks and carry little lunch boxes and sit in little chairs and eat at little tables…

we are going to enjoy this preschool stage because before we know it, they will be in grade school. and lord knows, if they are anything like their momma and daddy, we are going to need help!


The Morginskys said...

the fact that you left the plastic on the cheese just kills me! so funny. youre kids are so cute! i am so glad they adjusted well to being around lots of kids!!!
by the way, your hair looks great!!!

The Browns said...

sharon: can you believe i did that? lol i was cracking up! thanks on the hair comment:)