Tuesday, August 3, 2010

our lucky charm

he has always said that he is a lucky guy. some don’t believe in luck. ceasar is constantly talking about how his life has been full of good fortunes. i tell him that's it not luck…he's just living right:). on his 33rd birthday, it was a perfect one. we celebrated at the beach. the sky was overcast (which he loves because it's not so hot), tristen and felton were absolutely perfect (no sand in the eyes, no whining, literally hours of just playing and laughing on the beach), a long afternoon nap for the kids (which meant cocktails on the beach for us because my parents took them back to the house for naps) and a fun night out in downtown charleston. we even got to stay in the heart of downtown at a friend's amazing loft who was so kind to lend it to us for the evening. it was such a fun day/night!

ceasar thinks that luck has been a huge part of HIS life, well, i believe that tristen, felton and I are the lucky ones. happy birthday to the most loving, unselfish, charming, funny (scratch that-hilarious), witty, generous and caring man i know. how did we get so lucky?

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