Monday, August 23, 2010

rookie mistakes that never end

how long do i get to use the excuse that i am a new mom? my babies are now 2 years old and i guess i'm getting the hang of this mom thing. actually, i know i am. BUT, i do continue to make rookie mistakes. this weekend i just absolutely didn’t use my brain.

i joined my mother's of multiples group for two reasons. #1: to get advice from experienced mom's of multiples #2: to get in early at the annual mom's of multiples consignment sale. members get in an hour before it opens to the public. and by public, i mean all of the other mom's in atlanta that come ready to fight for gently used clothes and toys. side note: these women are crazy. they will literally knock you down for a toy.

so here's my brainless moment/hour. after i walked around the sale for a bit and realized that i am a horrible consignment sale shopper, i decided to just give up on the gym that had the big toys and go to the gym full of clothes. i was really there to get a ton of barely worn clothes for the fall. at these sales, you can get gymboree, baby gap, lands end, etc for $3 & $4. so, i dove into the madness and started filling up my laundry basket. all the while, i hear women screaming at their mom's and husbands saying things like:
"grab it"
"don't let her get it"
"i don't care if it's ugly, it's cheap"
"don't just stand there, start pulling things, we can look at them later"

i was all by myself so i didn't get to boss anyone around:). i just laughed and kept my head down and tried to focus. i knew it was t minus 15 minutes until the public was going to bombard the place. so, after grabbing all the cute clothes that i wanted, i made my way to the check out line and stood there for 15 minutes. it wasn't bad at all. as i made my way out, i looked back at the line (the public was now in the mix) and the line was already out the door and around the parking lot. these people were gonna be in line for a loooooong time. no thank you.

so i got home and was so excited to show the kids (and ceasar) all what i bought for them. you really can't beat $3 pants from the gap, a $3 dress from hanna andersson or $4 snow boots that have never been taken out of the box. as i started pulling things out, i suddenly realized something. my kids are two years old. not three! hi, my name is kim brown and i don't know the age or size of my beloved children. i bought everything in the wrong size. i don't know what i was thinking. well, actually i do know what i was thinking. when you are in the months stages of clothes, you know they will be in the next size for the next season. so, if they are wearing 12 months in the summer, more than likely they will be in 18 months in the fall. HELLO, not once they hit the toddler stage. if that was the case, my 2 year olds would be in like 6T before they were even 3 years old…do they even make 6T clothes???

again, i will say it…ROOKIE MISTAKE. ceasar said it best, "well, they are all set for 2012, what will they wear this fall?"

Nice Kim Nice.

please note this dress was made to hit at the knee NOT above the ankles. i asked tristen if i could borrow her paci and sheetie because i was so upset. she didn't let me have it.

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i love it. thats so amazing!