Wednesday, August 11, 2010

who needs peace and quiet

it's funny how quickly you forget your "old life" once you have kids. the sound of a quiet house is a very distant memory for me. the kids spent sunday night with my parents so that my mom could keep them on monday (we're in between nannies). this is the FIRST time in 2 years that i've spent the night at our house without my little ones. it was strange how every single moment, i thought of them. we've been on vacations without them but that's not the same. to be in our home, ok, lets be honest, THEIR HOME… was very strange and almost eary. ceasar had an early morning meeting so it was just me in the house.

-I woke up to my alarm clock- not tristen calling my name and telling me she has a poopy or wants milk
-I blow dried my hair alone- not with felton on my leg saying "up up up"
-I watched the news while putting on my makeup- not dinausaur train or curious george
-I drank my coffee in the house- not in the car on the way to work
-I walked out the front door and it was quiet- not felton crying, asking me to come back and tristen screaming "bye momma" with her southern draw

however, somehow with all this time to myself, i made it into the office later than I have in over a year. it's because i didn't really have a reason to rush or stay on schedule. i didn't have a nanny that would be knocking on my door in a few minutes. i didn't have kids begging me for their milk and breakfast. it was just me.

so, the question is…did i enjoy the peace and quiet? not one bit. i had 7 of those years before they came along and i know i will eventually have that quiet time again. thank you God for my busy life and my crazy 2 year olds that take up all my energy and time. i know this time is going to pass me by quickly so i am soaking up the days of toddlers running around our home.

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