Friday, October 29, 2010


ive often thought about running my own company (any leader people reading this, please do not read this as a statement of resignation:)... i just tend to be a leader and its always been fairly natural for me to be in charge or lead groups of people. i was the point guard in highschool & college and ive pretty much held a leadership position most of my marketing career. at home though, im more laid back and don't really care who is taking the lead, making decisions, planning, etc. in all honesty, ive always liked when ceasar makes the decisions and i can just roll with it. well, that was before kids...

over the last 2 years, ive naturally become the leader once again. don't get me wrong, ceasar is an amazing dad and can do more than most. ive been traveling for work the past 3 weeks and ceasar has been tasked with it himself! he has successfully: made school lunches, dressed kids for school, taken them to school, fixed hair, fed them dinner, given baths, etc etc all while having a 45 minute commute at a not so easy time at work (wells fargo has recently bought out wachovia which is one of the largest acquisitions in the history of banking).

i am happy to report that he survived the 3 weeks without me. i think he did more than "survive" but apparently it wasn't the easiest 3 weeks of his life. i called the other night on the way home from the airport and asked if he was glad to have me home...his response: "i am ready to just take orders again. you are the CEO of this family. you make things run smoothly. i am ready to not have to think again and just do as i am told."

hysterical. i will happily accept my role.

Kim Brown
Brown Household


Elizabeth said...

cute cute post. It's a big job being CEO!!! give the kiddos a kiss for me and give C one too!

The Morginskys said...

i am seriously impressed with your family's juggling capabilities!