Monday, October 25, 2010

yo gabba gabba yo gabba gabba yo gabba gabba yooooooooooooo

what a night! last weekend, we took tristen & felton to their first live show. it was at The Fox Theatre and it was yo gabba gabba live. what a fantastic combination for your first show experience (for all your non kid having friends out there, here's the show: . i was on the fence about spending the money because it was a pretty pricey show. it's crazy how quickly i will spend $$$ on a pair of jeans or a dress but i was going back and forth about spending money on what ended up being one of the best memories to date with our kids. ok, I realize how selfish that made me sound but it's the truth:). tristen literally danced the entire time and felton was soooo in awe of the entire thing, that his face was absolutely priceless. he was looking at the stage like an adult would look at a pot of, is this for real? his expression was saying "is this really happening? am i dreaming? is that really dj lance and foofa and brobee?" man, what an absolute BLAST!

the next morning i went to get them out of their cribs and the first thing tristen said was "hi im foofa" and felton said "hi im brobee". then tristen went and got her costume, laid it on the floor and kissed foofa on the cheek and said "I love you foofa". what???? if i would have known they were gonna have this much fun, i would have paid a million bucks.

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The Morginskys said...

is your hair dark??? love it!!!