Friday, November 5, 2010

i love friday mornings

this morning i woke up very thankful...for many things. i decided to write down the top things that came to my mind and then ask the kids what they are thankful for.

my list (top 5 things that quickly came to mind this morning):
1. rally foundation (
2. my healthy kids and my family and friend's healthy kids
3. my fresh brewed coffee that ceasar made me this morning
4. my small and cozy home
5. unrushed conversations with my 2 year olds at the breakfast table

tristen's list:
mom: "honey, what are the things you love"
1. my sheet and paci
2. bandaids
3. tea parties

felton's list:
mom: "honey are the things you love"
1. sheet, paci, blankie and milk
2. strawberries
3. football

happy friday to you all!

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