Sunday, December 12, 2010

taking matters into her own hands

tristen is tired of waiting on me. i have mixed emotions about her becoming potty trained. i want her to be my baby forever. some people may think im crazy for feeling this way. ive heard several parents talk about how they can't wait for their child to be potty trained. well, i am trying to hold on to their "baby stages" forever.

tristen was showing signs of potty training desires MONTHS ago but since she really wasn't pressing the issue, i chose to ignore it. i know, it seems a little wrong and i am willing to accept that. two reasons that i was holding off: 1. i wanted to tackle it at the same time. i figured with twins, it would be easier to do them both at once. 2. I want them to stay my babies forever! we probably won't have any more kids so why not keep them babies as long as possible. im just not one to rush anything... with these kids that is!

this weekend, she started saying "mommy, i want to go pee pee in the potty". a part of me wanted to change the subject but i figured that was border line wrong. so, i listened to her request and started taking her to the potty. she has been dry for two whole days. i went out today (against my desires) and bought her some sweet princess pull up diapers. she loves them! she has asked ALL DAY TODAY to go pee pee in the potty. i haven't asked her once if she needed to go. im so proud of my little girl. she knows its time and despite her insane momma, she is tackling this big task head on! she's a go getter…knows what she wants and goes for it!

what's next? cell phones, cars and first dates. no thank you. where's her sheetie pie and paci? yes, i still let her have the paci. judge me:).

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