Thursday, December 2, 2010

using my card

let me just go ahead and blog about this, so that when i one day turn this blog into a book (for keepsake), i can look back and laugh. because i just know this will be the ONLY time these two precious angels cause me stress.
dear tristen: why the heck will you not stop screaming? at 11pm, 2am, 5am and 7am. why do you want everything and nothing all at the same time? why won't you sleep in your crib? are you really scared, does your tummy really hurt, do you really have a poo poo and do you really need milk, all at the same time? do you really need a band aid on your foot at 4am? why wouldn't you smile in our family holiday photo shoot last weekend? did you really have to swipe away the photographer's hand? why couldn't you wear the outfit that I had been planning for a month? did it really "hurt" you to have it on? oh, and why did you keep turning on my milk frother today, so that it would tie up knots in your hair? i hated to keep cutting out the chunks of your pretty curly hair.

dear felton: well felton, thank you for being easy. but, you are not totally innocent here. i guess its not ideal that you walk around slapping tristen in the back and holding her down on the floor (all the while clapping your hands and laughing). but, you are still a walk in the park these days compared to you know who.
so, I struggle most with the all of a sudden sleep issues and i ask, should i put them in toddler beds, drop the nap, turn on a nightlight, let them (well, her) just absolutely scream it out? i am tired today. i don't know what to do. i refuse to use the "twin (two year old) card"… well maybe, maybe just today. because lets be honest, everyone has a card they should be allowed to play every once in a while.

picture taken today during naptime

this is how tired i was last night: football pj top and pink hearts bottom

YES, i resorted to bribery on picture day but unfortunately it caused complete chaos. i failed to think about the green and red getting all over e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.


The Morginskys said...

i meant to call you all day after i read your facebook.
couple questions: what does bedtime look like these days? do they seem sleepy at naptime?
(abe dropped his ages ago....sadtimes around here).
when they nap well do they fall asleep much later?
the night waking is very normal. molars and also things are very vivid at this age. they remember what they watch on tv (not sure if you do tv at night but i wouldnt) and things are very real to them. its hard when they are in the same room though b/c it wakes the other up. i wouldnt rush the big girl bed (abe is in one but i wanted him to have time to adjust before i needed it for the baby.)
but yeah, she's two. welcome. sticker charts help!

The Browns said...

sharon, thanks for those comments! we definitely do not watch tv at night for that reason alone. they seem very sleepy for naptime and at bedtime but recently the bedtime they have been wired. tonight they screamed (he just feeds off her) but they were quiet only a few minutes later. i definitely do not want to push bedtime back (it's 8:00-8:30 now) not do i think i need to. i know everything i have ever read says kids should be asleep by 8...even if they say they are not tired. anyway, maybe i will start sticker charts:). i know this is probably just them being 2 (at the same time:)!!!) but i do feel like something is going on with her. she got a strange rash under her eyes today and my mom mentioned maybe she is allergic to our christmas tree. i think im gonna hold out on the toddler beds for a little longer. these are my babies!!!