Thursday, January 6, 2011

this season's menu

its always fun to ring in the new year with kids. they have such an innocence and pure excitement that is abosultely contagious. we decided to have a party at home this year. we had a 5 star meal, fireworks, a countdown dance party (at 8pm:) and dessert by the backyard firepit. it was one of the best new year's eves that I can rememember.

i really impressed myself by the meal i made. on the menu: broiled lobster, gorgonzola filet mignon, twice baked potato and tiramisu. all this accompanied by a very nice bottle of wine. we of course ate on our fine china (even the kids) and as we devoured our meal. I felt very fortunate to be at home with my family. what i love most about having kids, is they keep it real. just when you think you are having a nice grown up meal, they slip an exciting event into the mix. right in the middle of my lobster and wine, i get a "momma, i gotta go poopy". so, i put down my fork, take my girl to the potty, and we proceed to sing songs and take a poopy for 10 whole minutes. by the time i got back, my meal was a little bit cooler and a little less appealing (after what i was coming from:) but none the less, it was an amazing 5 star dining experience.

when discussing my career direction this past year, my boss gave me GREAT advice. he said, "kim, you will go through many seasons of life. having young toddlers is just one of them. embrace this season of life and know that it won't last forever. " i love that advice. it's so basic yet so real and i think about it almost every single day.

for this new year's season of life, i got lobster, filet and poopy…all in one sitting.

happy new year to you all! thank you for continuing to follow our family's simple adventures. we have had such a great year and i am so excited to see what's in store for 2011!

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