Monday, January 24, 2011

what a girl wants, what a girl needs

since way back when, little girls have been playing dress up with pretty sparkly dresses, high heels and costume jewelry. tristen hasn't shown much interest in this popular girly activity...until this week. its probably the princess movies we've just started watching. tonight, she wanted the whole shabang. dress, heals, jewelry AND most importantly, MY makeup. she loves my makeup but i never let her wear it (reason: typically im in a hurry if i am putting on makeup). she loves watching me put it on and every single morning she asks me to wear my lipstick. it was so much fun putting it on her tonight (of course it was just a light stroke of blush on the cheeks and some clear lip gloss) but man oh man did she think she was the prettiest princess heading to a big Ball. as i "presented" princess tristen to her daddy and brother, she was glowing.

SO PROUD to have on mommy's lipstick. she was even blushing because her daddy was going on and on about how beautiful she looked (imagine that!). after a few minutes, the hype started wearing off. all the excitement was wearing her out and she started daydreaming of her favorite things in life. the two things that bring her the most joy and comfort. the two things that can give her energy and power no matter how tough the situation. of course i am talking about her sheetie and paci*. she was looking all around and then strongly expressed her desire to have them both. so, i thought to myself, "what can i threaten her with that will force her to give up the paci and sheetie during this fun dress up/playtime?"…. so, the dialogue went like this:

tristen: mom, i want my paci
me: honey, we are playing, you don't need your paci right now
tristen: but i need it
me: well you know paci's are really for babies unless it's night night time
tristen: but i want it
me (thinking i am so sly and smart): well ok honey, i guess you are just not ready to wear mommy's makeup then. i thought you were a big girl and you were ready to wear mommy's lipstick. if you put your paci in your mouth, it will mess up your pretty lipstick. that's why only big girls can wear makeup and babies have pacis.
tristen: ok, please take off my lipstick mommy. i don’t need it anyway. i need my paci.

*i try to only allow tristen and felton to have their pacis and sheeties during nap time, night night time, sick time, wind down time, mommy just got home from work and needs to cook dinner time… well gosh, when i type it out like that, it sure doesn't sound that great. but, i really am trying to slowly remove it from their (well her) daily life. oh oh i got it, i don't let the sheeties and pacis leave the house. yeah, that's it! i knew i was sticking firm on something.

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