Monday, February 21, 2011

living on caffeine alone

this past friday night, i had the kids to myself (ceasar was getting home late) so i had big hopes and dreams of taking the kids out for a little trader joes shopping, pet smart browsing and ice cream eating. whenever taking the kids grocery shopping, i try to be very strategic… make the list ahead of time, map out my plan, schedule in the usual treat bribery, balloon bribery and whatever else it takes to get all my groceries and keep the kids in the shopping cart. well, that is when i am shopping at publix. trader joes, well that's a different story. while i love me some trader joes…i do not love the fact that their carts are not twin friendly (or just 2 child friendly at that!). because of this, i usually go without the kids to trader joes or wait until ceasar is with me so we are "man on man". nope, not this friday night though, i felt ambitious... even a little confident in my abilities as a seasoned mom. my kids are well behaved. i have taught them how to act in public. they will listen to me and follow me around. so, i made my list of about 25 items and we had our pep talk in the car. "kids, you promise me that if i let you push around your kiddie carts, you will not run around? yes mommy, i promise. you will push your cart next to me the whole time while i get all kinds of good food for this weekend? yes mommy, i promise. ok, because i have LOTS of fun treats i need to buy so that we have good food this weekend. i will even buy you some cookies. ok, mommy I promise. so, away we went…

after a few "fun looks" from elderly couples and a few "fun sighs" from people who obviously have chosen not to have children, we decided to go ahead and cut the trip a little short and head to the check out line.

with. just. coffee.

hey, we had a blast though! i love those small adventures. they make me laugh. you gotta be flexible with two two years olds right? at least we had our fresh coffee in the morning. and believe me, they were so proud to get mommy and daddy their coffee.

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The Hutchinson Family said...

LOVE IT!!! I can 100% relate to everything you wrote! I did the very same thing last weekend. I was frazzled by the time we left, but they were so proud to push their own carts.