Sunday, March 13, 2011

toddler beds and fevers... may not mix.

today was a big day in our household. these kids of ours are trying their hardest to just grow right out of the baby stage. yes, i know, they are almost three but come on, can't i have a few more months of the baby life? im gonna take as long as i need, thank you very much. BUT, today was one step closer to becoming "not a baby anymore". tristen & felton have never tried to climb out of their crib. ever. and i was given the advice by numerous friends that if they aren't trying to climb out, KEEP THEM IN THEIR CRIBS AS LONG AS YOU CAN. so we have. but, we have beach and lake vacations coming up in a few weeks and it just seems like border line torture to make these almost three year olds sleep in the same pack n plays they slept in when they were 7 lbs a piece. i mean really... at christmas time, they were bent up like gumby trying to sleep in those things.

so, we decided to make today the day. we transitioned to toddler beds (their cribs turn in to toddler beds so it's really just taking off the side rail). we made an absolute event of this thing and had a blast. we had photo shoots, individual practice sessions on climbing in & out, and a few other dramatic moments that made it a fun memory. we were so excited to see how nap time would go and test out this whole new stage in our life. well, nap time was a bust. tristen didn't even sleep an hour (which is very short for her) and felton ended up in our bed taking a nap (first time ever). i guess it wasn't the smartest day to make this transition since it's daylight savings time and their internal clocks are off and oh, felton and tristen have been sick all weekend with fevers, an ear infection and horrible coughs. no one ever said we were the smartest parents in the world...sometimes we are down right THE OPPOSITE.

so here's to a night of the unknown...wish us luck!

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