Monday, March 14, 2011

toddler beds and tristen... do not mix.

well, it was a roooouuuuuuuuugh night. actually quite comical to be honest. as we laid in bed in the middle of the night i said "we will laugh about this one day". we actually laughed about it the entire night. it was too funny. just in case you guys were curious, below is the conclusion to the toddler bed & fever saga:

8pm: bedtime, reminded them not to get out and to call us if they need us
8:30pm: lets try this again, bedtime
12:45am: thump! tristen falls out for the first time. she climbs back in and goes back to sleep. meanwhile, i am still awake watching in the monitor and cracking up. ceasar wakes up in a panic "oh my gosh, go get her". me: "honey, she's fine"
2:30am: thump #2! she falls out again and climbs back in. i am still awake. i am watching the whole thing. dying laughing again.
3:40am: thump #3! bam, door slamming...footsteps getting louder and closer, i had JUST fallen asleep, GUESS WHO? you got it. tristen was in my face saying "hi mommy, im shaking. i got out of my big girl bed. i want my crib back"...

my response: ceasar, you know what to do!


oh the things we do as parents. gotta love it! this story is just one of many reminders that being twins does not mean SQUAT when it comes to personalities. they are individuals and they will do things on their own time. so tonight, felton will remain in his big boy bed while my girl will happily remain trapped in her crib, just the way she likes it.
off to drink a glass of wine and go night night!

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Carrie said...

that's hilarious. i love the fact that you watch it all happen on the monitor.