Monday, May 23, 2011

love letters from me: happy birthday!

dear tristen: happy birthday honey bunny!

three years ago today, i met you baby girl. honestly, i cant really remember life before you. the day you were born was the best day of my life. i knew you were gonna have a twin, but little did i know, it was gonna be me. you feisty, stubborn, crazy, silly little stole my heart from the moment you were born. those big ole cheeks and that loud scream of yours! i think even the nurses were scared of you. well, im happy to report that you still have your scream (our new neighbors are now scared) but none the less, you have turned in to quite the sweet one. i mean sweet as in, the cuddling bunny i always hoped you would be. not to sound surprised, but i kinda am:). along with your sweetness, you are so smart and silly. you remember everyone’s name and never forget a single piece of gum that i may have misplaced. you love to dance & sing and you’re already showing signs of being an athlete. you love your momma and let me tell you, it’s my pleasure to hold you as much as you want! you are such a sweetheart and i am honored to be you momma.

dear felton: happy birthday super power boy!

three years in and you still have my heart. are you kidding me? could you be any more fun loving? you are daddy’s twin! you are full of energy but have such a tender heart. you’re a hider and a fighter (play fight of course) and you can “save the day” with the best of ‘em! you love to wrestle and step on bugs...but even with all your super fighting powers, at the end of the day, all you really care about is if everyone is ok. you are always looking out for others and sharing all your treats. i can’t count how many times you say “i need to get tristen one too”. you are quite picky these days about what you wear. if it’s not like your daddy’s, then forget it. you are obsessed. with. your. daddy. let me say this again: OBSESSED. it’s ok with me though, because i can’t imagine a better person for you to look up to! such a tender heart you have: sounds familiar to me...spitting image i tell ya!


yesterday, i found you both “decorating” together, as you like to do. you were wrapping one of daddy’s ties around a chair in our dining room. i sat on the stairs and listened to you talk for several minutes and when i peaked around the corner, you guys were holding each other’s faces and kissing each other’s cheeks. there's not a competition for who’s the sweetest one or who’s the funnier one because you are each perfectly you and i wouldn’t change one single thing.

thank you for the best year yet. i keep thinking it can’t get any better, but you keep on growing and becoming more of who you were made to be.

i am honored to be your momma and watch you grow. happy third birthday trissy! happy third birthday felty! mommy and daddy love you more than you will ever know.

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The Morginskys said...

awww!!! so sweet, they will LOVE to read this! happy birthday T & F! cant wait to finally meet you!!!