Sunday, May 8, 2011

unpacked boxes

its been waaaaaaaay too long since i've been on here. i've thought about doing a recap post but that wouldn't begin to touch on how crazy things have been around here. so, i wont even try to explain how hectic moving with 2 toddlers can be. i won't even try. but...i am happy to update that we are in our new home and there is lots and lots of love running around here. the kids are in love with their new backyard and we are in love with our expanded space. we may be living out of boxes for a while but i don't really care because i am happy. crazy but happy and here's how i see it... there will always be time to unpack boxes or buy new furniture or put up blinds or paint old furniture, but there will never be another time when my kids are right on the brink of turning three years old and growing faster than i can even comprehend. im afraid to blink because i don't want to miss anything. so, for now, i will do a little unpacking each and every night (after they go to sleep), but my priority has and always will be enjoying these babies as much as possible...because i know this stage won't last forever.

i am sappy. my kids made me this way.

happy mothers day!

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