Wednesday, June 8, 2011

turning gray into good

a few weeks ago, i was feeling a little "gray" and defeated and I just didn't know why…I had all good things going on in my life but I just felt blahhh. i felt tired, had major heartburn and my body was screaming at me that something just wasn't right. well, after talking with ceasar and then talking to one of my bff's who has a degree in counceling:)…it turns out that I was just experiencing a normal type of anxiety that comes with moving. even though it was only 3 miles up the street, it could have been a million miles away. all the late night packing, unpacking, painting of furniture, picking out colors, selling furniture, buying furniture, spending lots of money, unfamiliar neighbors, unorganized boxes, needy toddlers, etc etc…well it down right got the best of me. I literally felt my body shutting down. so, i have taken 2 weeks off from anything to do with the house and what a difference it has made. I feel back to my normal self! no more chest pains, no more sleepless nights, just happiness to be in a beautiful new home with my sweet little family. we are still in boxes, my furniture is still half painted, my clothes are not yet put away, but that's ok. I don't feel pressured at all to get it done. im just gonna take it little by little and enjoy the ride. ive never been one to stress or feel anxious so this feeling definitely took me by surprise. my bff counselor friend told me "ya know, whether its good stress or bad stress, it's all the same… stress".

speaking of feeling gray… check out my new kitchen cabinets:). a very talented artist here in atlanta: kristen davis, worked her magic and turned my borning cabinets into my cottagy gray kitchen that I have always wanted. she blogs about it here
i love my new home!

p.s. check out the birthday party pics in the album to the right of here->

also, below are some fun pictures of us hanging around the new house. love these kids of mine.

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The Morginskys said...

ahhh!!! i am just now reading this! love you and sooo glad you are feeling better! see you in two days!